The add-ons needed to take iPads to the next business level

Every business IT department is well aware of the impact iPads and other tablets are having on the way companies operate. More employees realize how powerful the devices are becoming and tech teams are tasked with helping the devices become effective corporate tools.

A recent article from Business News Daily attempts to make this job a little easier for companies by offering advice how to make it possible.

"An iPad isn't just fun to use," the article reads. "With the right apps and accessories, Apple's tablet can become a work machine. When linked with a Bluetooth keyboard, an iPad can become almost as productive as a laptop computer. And the broad selection of iPad apps can help you view and edit documents, take notes, plan your workday and manage your business's bottom line – all on a device that's much thinner and more portable than a laptop."

The piece goes on to cover several different ways companies can improve how their tablet works. This includes:

Accessories – Wireless keyboards, cases with stands and styluses are just a few of the main accessories that can help employees interact with the tablet more easily.

Document creation – Both iWork and Google Drive have iPad versions of their document software and Microsoft Word could be on the market at the end of the week.

Note taking – Both Evernote and OneNote make the iPad a perfect replacement for a notebook.

Finances – Quickbooks and Kashoo are quality accounting applications that can help businesses track their money effectively.

Meetings on the go – Mobility makes is hard to get everyone together but apps like Doodle and GoToMeeting turn an iPad into a mobile conference call platform.

Access files – With apps like Dropbox, users save and access files from anywhere and remote desktop applications make it possible for users to access data that rests on their desktop.

An iPad deployment can be difficult enough, but with the help of an Apple support service, any company can easily deploy these gadgets and the add-ons needed to take it to the next level.