Tech training for older employees

Although the internet is nothing new at this point, it's influence continues to grow. That said, everyone – including those who originally despised the technology – should learn how to effectively utilize devices that can access it, like computers and tablets. Teaching older individuals how to navigate the technology can be difficult because you have to start from scratch. But just as older generations found a way to teach you how to walk and talk, you too can help your older counterparts understand newer technologies.

Don't forget about the basics
A big hurdle that a lot of people don't properly overcome when giving an internet lesson to the older people is the fact that these students often don't understand the very basics of modern computing. Even though you may want to show your student how to create a Facebook account, he or she may not even know how to turn on his or her computer.

A good way to plan your technology curriculum is to pretend your student has not been exposed to any technology newer than a television set. The good stuff you're accustomed to using on a regular basis – like Google and Netflix – may be important down the line, but it's crucial to teach students how to use a mouse and open an internet browser, for starters.  

Increase the font size
Even if your mind stays sharp as a tack as you age, your vision may not. And though your older students might still think like a spring chicken in their golden years, they may come to find that reading normal text becomes incredibly hard, even with glasses. For computers and tablets, your best option is to increase the font size of displayed words. If your student is having trouble reading to begin with, they probably won't respond positively to a smartphone.

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