Tech rumor mill never stops churning

If there is one guaranteed constant in the tech world, it’s that the rumor mill will never stop churning. Launch events for the latest iPhone iterations barely end before speculation about the next year’s model begins. While this is exciting for some and annoying for others, small and midsize businesses (SMBs) have every reason to fall into the former category.

Today’s SMBs are in constant competition with one another. They are always working to develop the next hit service or peripheral product to work with iOS and Android devices, social media platforms like Facebook and gaming consoles from the likes of Microsoft and Sony.

In fact, gaming consoles provide a perfect and current example of the tech world’s rumor mill at work. It seems that every day there is a new report on the internet where “sources” reveal technical specs of upcoming next-gen systems that supposedly blow the competition out of the water. For all of these articles finding their way onto the Web, little is actually known about the next wave of gaming consoles. Even their names – the Playstation 4 from Sony and the Xbox 720 from Microsoft – have yet to be officially confirmed. But, the anticipation is rapidly growing.

Technology consulting firms are working with SMBs all the time to help them innovate and launch products and services that can benefit from the popularity of these platforms. Finding the right partner is the key.

If you’re looking to build off the power and popularity of Apple, then iOS management and Apple training should be top priorities. For SMBs looking to launch games or apps on mobile and gaming systems, experience in custom programming across multiple digital ecosystems is ideal.

Once the proper support structure is in place, you can focus entirely on innovation and creativity.