Study: iPads responsible for 89.28 percent of Ecommerce revenue

The use of mobile technology in the payments industry has been on the rise since the iPhone hit the market back in 2007. The iPad brought a new dimension to the industry in 2010, and now many companies are taking strides to bulk up their electronic commerce options to reach a new customer base.

According to the latest Ecommerce Quarterly report from Monetate, a digital marketing and research company, the iPad is a dominant machine in the world of tablet Ecommerce. The numbers, which were compiled by a random sample of more than 500 million online "shopping experiences," show that Apple's tablet accounts for 89.28 percent of all traffic that browse Ecommerce websites. However, that is a small drop of 2.4 percent over the first quarter from 2012.

The study also found that, on average, Apple computers and tablets generate more revenue per transaction. Electronic revenue from Mac computers averages $106.35 compared to $97.77 from Windows powered machines. In the tablet bracket, the iPad leads the way with $99.05 per transaction followed by Android tablets ($95.48) and Kindle Fire ($83.58). The Android does top the iPhone, but only by 11 cents ($107.14 compared to $107.03).

With more businesses looking to implement an Ecommerce solution, they need to be aware of how the customer experience will be. By partnering with an IT consulting firm that understands how an iPad deployment can affect a business, any company can get a leg up in optimizing this market.