Post-PC era being pushed by mobile applications

Last week, this blog covered a report from IDC that found the year-on-year sales numbers for PCs had experienced the biggest drop in history. However, one thing that was only lightly touched upon was an analysis of what exact facets of the market were contributing to this new trend. There are several different factors, none more so than mobile devices and applications.

In a recent article CITEWorld, Ron Miller argues that the simplicity and effectiveness of apps is helping to push the post-PC era. For the business sector, employees are finding it easy to access programs that can handle specific daily tasks and run more efficiently.

Regular workers are affecting IT decisions like never before. They have access to a wealth of applications without the approval IT teams. Unfortunately, this change has added new challenges for tech departments to deal with.

"These shifts have made life more complicated for IT departments who are used to controlling their workers," wrote Miller. "Where you could simply put up a roadblock or a stop sign in years past, today any user with a modicum of technical savvy can find a tool to get around your restrictions."

He goes on to say that from a worker's perspective, he or she just wants to find the best tools to get their job done. This means that a more solid partnership must be forged between employees and the IT departments to ensure no complications arise.

For companies that have just considered deploying mobile devices, it can be more difficult than many believe. This is where an IT consulting firm that is familiar with the trials and tribulations of using smartphones and tablets as critical tools for business becomes an invaluable resource.