Our four favorite (free!) productivity apps for iOS

At this September's press event, Apple is slated to unveil the iPad Air 3 and iPad Mini 4 alongside a slew of other hardware updates. The updated tablets are expected to receive significant performance boosts, which, paired with the right software, could make an iPad your preferred task manager. As their introduction draws nearer we decided to give you a list of our favorite free productivity apps that can help you get the most out of your iPad, whether you're planning on picking up one of the new releases this fall or simply want to go further with your existing device:


Longtime front runner of the mobile productivity scene is Evernote, which gives you a place to store photos, web pages, PDFs and other files alongside your own notes and to-do items in a single, organized and searchable place. 


If the built-in Mail app isn't for you, try Mailbox. This super-simple alternative is popular because of its functions that help you clean up and maintain a clutter-free inbox, including a "snooze" feature to mute certain email threads for a specified amount of time. Mailbox supports both Gmail and iCloud accounts.


Calendar apps are getting smarter, finding events from a variety of different apps. Sunrise, however, may just do it best, pulling events from various accounts like Gmail, iCloud, Exchange, Facebook events and Evernote reminders. To complete the picture of your day Sunrise also brings in weather data and Google Maps information. 


This intuitive Rolodex can replace your Contacts and Phone apps. Connecting phone contacts to their matching social media profiles, Humin allows you to tag and search for contacts more naturally, coming in handy when you just can't remember somebody's name (instead you can search "met last Friday" or "works with Joe"), then initiate a call or text from within the app. 

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