OS X Yosemite reaches golden master level

Apple released the golden master candidate version of its upcoming operating system, OS X Yosemite, for download on Tuesday, signaling that a public launch is probably not far off. The golden master (GM), the last step before official release, is usually nearly identical to the final official software, but is made available to developers to detect and deal with any remaining bugs. Along with the GM, Apple also posted a public beta, the fourth since the company announced OS X Yosemite at the 2014 Worldwide Developers Conference in June.

There is no release date for Yosemite, but there are plenty of rumors as to when it could come out. The current OS X Mavericks went to GM about three weeks before its release nearly a year ago, which suggests a late October launch date. The Daily Dot recently reported that Apple would be holding an event on October 21 as a follow-up to the one that saw the unveiling of the new iPhones and Apple Watch. TechCrunch has disputed that report, but what all sources agree on is that the event will take place this month.

Apple has other new products coming, including a new iMac desktop, MacBook Air notebook and a 12.9-inch iPad, but history suggests that not all of those will be previewed at this month's event. It is more likely that there will be another one later in the year or early in 2015, when a release date for the Apple Watch would be announced.

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