New iPhone rumors start springing up

Just a few months ago, Apple completely revamped its iPhone product line by unveiled the iPhone 5s and the 5c. While the 5s has experienced strong sales numbers, the plastic 5c that replaced the iPhone 5 has been underperforming. Now, the rumors of the next installment are starting to surface and they include another massive shake up.

According to a report from the Los Angeles Times, Apple is planning on debuting two new models of the iPhone at some point this year. That has been standard operating procedure for the company for some time — one is a newly upgraded model and the other is an improved version of the previous incarnation. This year will be different.

The article reports that both of the "new" iPhones will feature a larger screen than any that have before. The current device has a screen that measures four inches and the new versions will come in at 4.5 and five inches. The speculation is that these larger models are already in development and the 4.5 version is already being prepped for mass production.

The other big revelation is that organizations will be discontinuing the iPhone 5c because of the disappointing performance. The plastic version that comes in several colors was rumored to be the "cheap" alternative to the iPhone 5s but the price point was considered too high for what is essentially the iPhone 5 in a plastic shell.

When these new devices hit the market, there will be a flood of them making their way into businesses. Companies will need to ensure they are able incorporate the smartphone as quickly and effectively as possible.