Lois Lane seen using iPad in new ‘Superman’ movie still

Taking an already iconic character to the silver screen is always an arduous task. There are specific images that must be seen, catch phrases spoken and songs played. In no place is this debated more than in the comic book world and the highly anticipated Superman movie, “Man of Steel,” due out June 14.

One of the tactics that director Zack Snyder uses in the reboot is to follow the “Nolan-verse” approach from the recent Batman trilogy and try to ground it in realism. This means providing a modern take on the well-established mythos. In that vein, we see a recently released picture of Amy Adams as Lois Lane, using an iPad.

Writer David Goyer told The Guardian’s film blog what it was like to update Superman, a character that’s been around since 1938, and that comic book universe. Goyer specifically mentions Apple’s popular tablet.

“Gone is the knackered old typewriter used by previous big screen incarnations to bash out stories, perhaps with the odd typo or two for good measure: here Ms Lane is seen carrying an iPad, the journalistic weapon of choice for the on-the-go blogger who wants to be able to file copy anytime, anywhere,” he said. “She may still be working for The Daily Planet, but it looks as if the newspaper has had to move with the times to compete in the 21st century.”

Even though The Daily Planet is a fictional business, an iPad deployment is very much a real-world option to help companies improve efficiency and mobility. Organizations of any size can benefit by looking into mobile devices and incorporating them into their existing infrastructures, both to fuel innovation and to develop a more versatile workforce.