Lines stretch for ‘one mile’ as new iPhones launch

You may notice some co-workers coming in a little late this morning looking like they spent the night sleeping on the street. That's because they probably did. They are not having financial issues though. They were just in line to be one of the first people to get their hands on one of the new iPhone models and be the first in the office to brag about it.

According to an article from Fast Company, regardless of whether you are an Apple fanboy or detractor, you can not deny the popularity of the device.

"As with all new Apple products, queues started forming a few days ago," the article reports. "According to the Guardian, all of humanity was there outside the London store, from Norwegian students who had flown over yesterday to stand in line, to a realtor from the commuter belt who was going to sell his place—he said—to a guy from Dubai for $7,000. This line, outside the Regent Street shop in Central London, was one mile long this morning."

Come Monday, there should be someone in every office building who is showing off their new device and all the cool things it can do. However, there is also going to need to be a stop in the IT department to go through the protocol of using the smartphone in a work-related capacity. An IT consulting firm that specializes in Mac Integration can help any organization seamlessly add Apple devices to its current workflow.