Leaked Apple support app could save you a trip to the Genius Bar

An upcoming iOS app leaked this month could make it easier than ever for iPhone users to receive support services for their Apple products.

While Apple has not yet confirmed the app's existence or imminent release, a series of screenshots from Sonny Dickson, a regular source for Apple leaks, display what appears to be a comprehensive support app packaged nearly and intuitively in a native iOS format. The images were originally published by tech blog uSwitch.com.

As far as the screenshots suggest, the app seems to include information that can currently be found on Apple's support website. While it is unclear yet whether the app will expand on the existing selection of troubleshooting guides and resources on the website, it does appear that users will be able to do everything they could online in the app, from chatting with support specialists, arranging to send in a device for repair and scheduling Genius Bar appointments.

Apple's current support website, while stocked full of helpful resources, can be difficult to navigate at times, especially as it is populated both by official support articles and community forums where users can post their own questions and answers. The app, on the other hand, seems to be a bit more organized. It will likely connect to users' Apple IDs for a list of their registered products, then tailor search results to the specific devices they own.

While the new app would make it easier for iPhone users to schedule appointments at the Genius Bar for professional support, it could also make it easier for them to find the solutions to common problems on their own. This would, in turn, reduce traffic at the Genius Bar, allowing Apple technicians to provide better support to customers experiencing more complex issues with their devices.

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