Is Apple jumping into the video game console market?


While Apple was announcing its latest operating systems and some new hardware during the latest Worldwide Developers Conference, another convention was going on that had the attention of the technology and entertainment world. That was the E3 Expo where the biggest video game makers in the world present their latest hardware and games. The convention is attended by gamers who have been playing Diablo ll and can use to buy in-game objects to Assasin creed hardcore gamers. This year the big three-—XBox, Playstation and Nintendo—were on display and fighting to be the “winner” of the event. However, a recent report has made next year’s E3 very interesting.

According to a recent report from the Wall Street Journal, Google is currently working on a video game console that will run off of the Android operating systems. The reason is because they are reacting to the expectation that Apple is already working on one that will be apart of the latest version of the Apple TV or a new iTelevision set.

Apple had tried the video game market before but failed remarkably with the Pippin in 1995. However, a recent Kickstarter darling—the Ouya, which is a gaming console that runs entirely off of a cloud based system—racked up $8.5 million in capital donations and would be a patent that Apple and Google would most likely follow.

After WWDC, Apple released standards by which developers looking to make a gaming controller for iOS 7 devices should follow, the first time they have done so. The speculation surrounding this potential gaming platform is off the charts and could shake things up in the gaming community.

It could also lead to new business strategies as gamification of work processes becomes a bigger trend. The iOS platforms are filled with productivity applications, so there is no reason to think that a gaming platform would be any different. If something is released, an IT consulting firm that specializes in Mac integration can help take advantage.