iPhone 5s outselling 5c two-to-one

The eyes of many technology analysts have been on the sales numbers of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, which launched at the end of September. In the opening weekend, 9 million total units were moved, and now that a few weeks have passed an interesting trend is starting to emerge: more consumers want the 5s than the cheaper alternative.

According to a report from All Things D, the 5s is outselling the 5c by a two to one margin. So far, the 5s has accounted for 64 percent of total smartphone sales for Apple, while the 5c brings in 27 percent. The iPhone 4s makes up the remaining 9 percent. This is following the same patterns that were seen when previous models were demoted to "legacy" status.

A USA Today article took things a step further and put out a potential theory as to why this could be the case. While some have pointed to the redesign of the 5c and lower price point as a benefit, the article argues that it could be a hindrance. This is because anyone buying a new smartphone wants it to be a status symbol, which means buying the latest or greatest.

"Of course, this is still early days, a time when die-hard Apple zealots and early adopters buy stupid amounts of electronics," the article reads. "When the holiday season comes and people give them as gifts, the cheaper iPhone might sell a little faster. For the geeks, however, you can't go halfway on a status symbol."

What this means is IT departments will be seeing more new mobile devices coming through the doors in the coming months and an IT consulting firm can help ensure a smooth transition.