iPad remains on top of the enterprise tablet market

Tablets have become a standard tool for many companies. The increased adoption of the cloud and the remote workforce have forced businesses to find and deploy systems that can easily take advantage of these platforms.

According to an article from the Calgary Herald, when it comes to business tablets, the iPad remains at the top of the mountain. Despite being a consumer product, bring-your-own-device strategies have thrust it into the enterprise, which the device is designed to handle successfully. In fact, the piece mentions that 98 percent of Fortune 500 companies have iPads as part of their IT systems.

"The iPad's appeal is easy to grasp," the article reads. "It's available in retail stores and online and is well supported. Apple's tight grip on the ecosystem has made it a generally secure device devoid of malware and viruses."

This is on top of the ever-growing number of third party mobile applications and hardware that has been created to turn the iPad into nearly any tool that a business owner could possibly need. For example, with a specific stand and app, the iPad can be used as the core of a cash register and inventory system.

There are countless tablets on the market that organizations need to decide between, but the iPad remains the leader of the pack. With the help of an Apple support service, any company will be able to run an iPad deployment. Not only will they gain a hand when it comes to implementation, but also training and maintenance after the fact.