iPad Pro could debut pressure senors

One of the hottest topics of debate in the Apple landscape is the use of Mac systems in the corporate world. Last week, we covered how the company is making a major push into the enterprise with its computer line, while iPads and iPhones are already well established in this setting. However, there could be a more targeted approach coming.

The rumors about the iPad Pro have been swirling for some time. This would essentially be a slightly bigger, more powerful tablet that is designed specifically for use in the business landscape. Some are even speculating that the device will have a keyboard case that will allow it to be converted into a laptop if needed.

Now, according to an article from the International Business Times, a patent filed by Apple could be pointing toward new controls for the devices. Entitled "Gesture and touch input detection through force sensing," the document says that current touchscreen devices are insufficient when it comes to recognizing complex multi-touch gestures.

The patent outlines the use of pressure-sensitive bezels that would be inserted in the device's casing. This could mean that everything from the home button and volume buttons could be on the way out. This also means that users can now control the device from the bezel instead of touching and potentially damaging the screen.

A business centric iPad is not a stretch to imagine and it could become a lucrative market. With the help of an IT consulting firm that specializes in Apple products, any company can rest easier knowing they will have help in their iPad deployment.