iPad Air experiencing five times the adoption rate of predecessor

Whenever a company launches a new version of an existing product, there is hope that it will be bigger, better and more popular than its predecessor. With very few exceptions in the last decade, Apple has been very good at this kind of development and the latest iPad rollout is another feather in that cap.

According to a report from mobile application analytics firm Fiksu, the iPad Air enjoyed somewhere around five times the first weekend adoption of its predecessor. In the first three days of availability, 0.88 percent of the millions of Fiksu users are accessing information on an iPad Air. By comparison, after the same time frame the iPad 4 experienced 0.15 percent and the iPad mini experienced 0.22 percent.

A TechCrunch article backed up these findings citing a study from MIxpanel that found 1.54 percent of all iPad traffic to its clients' application came through the iPad Air. On top of that, the iPad 2 and iPad 1 suffered a noticeable drop in usage percentage.

"Apple may have found the perfect balance with this iPad launch; a lighter, slimmer iPad Air that appeals to those who are fans of the bigger screen but who haven't seen a real need to upgrade from first- and second-generation devices, and an iPad mini with a screen that could convince many first-gen device owners to upgrade, too," the article reads.

It seems clear that a mobile technology environment is upon us. With the help of an IT solution provider that specializes in iPad deployment, any organization can easily incorporate the latest tablet into company infrastructure.