iPad Air 2 becoming popular in the business world

The iPad Air 2 has only been available for a few weeks, but business users are already realizing the benefits of Apple's largest tablet to date. A recent article in Fortune's online edition says that the iPad Air 2 has surpassed its predecessors and other tablets on the market, which are designed mostly for the consumption of entertainment. The iPad is a legitimate alternative to a laptop thanks to its long battery life, cellular connectivity and unprecedented app selection.

Smartphones have been getting bigger in recent times, with the clearest example of that being Apple's own iPhone 6 Plus. This is in turn pushing the iPad closer to PCs in terms of its capabilities, while maintaining purely mobile functionality such as the Touch ID fingerprint recognition feature.

With its latest releases, Apple has focused on the enterprise more than ever before, and that trend is expected to continue. Rumors of a tablet with a 12-inch screen, tentatively called iPad Pro, have been heating up over the past few days. This new iPad will apparently feature split-screen functionality for the first time, and could also come with an attachable keyboard, further pushing the boundaries between tablet and laptop.

Apple partnered with IBM over the summer to develop specific iOS business apps and has introduced the Continuity feature, which allows users to easily transition from their Mac to their iPad. The iPad Pro could feature a combination of iOS and OS X to encourage its use by companies even more.

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