iPad a major enterprise tool

The iPad is in an interesting position. Since it was introduced in 2010, the device has experienced great adoption in the consumer market, while the enterprise was slow to catch-up. However, according to a new report, the tablet's popularity in the corporate landscape is overwhelming.

A study released by Good Technology found that 92 percent of enterprise tablet activations between January and March were the iPad. Combined, the iPhone and iPad represented 72 percent of all business devices that were activated during Q1. Smartphones running the Android platform represented the rest, with the exception of 1 percent that were Windows Phone.

While the enterprise numbers for the iPad are strong, they are dropping across the marketplace. A study from research firm IDC found that the iPad accounts for less than a third of total tablet shipments.

So which trend is real? An InformationWeek article claims both of them are.

"Enterprises and consumers don't always follow the same criteria when purchasing tablets," the article reads. "Few average users care how their tablets fit into existing MDM systems or business workflows. As the tablet that popularized the form factor, the iPad enjoys robust support from ISVs and developers, one of many factors that make it appealing to businesses."

The enterprise numbers should continue to grow in Q2 because of the introduction of the Microsoft Office for iPad. 

Regardless, mobile devices are becoming a popular tool in the business landscape. With the help of an Apple support service, any company will be able to adopt and manage the latest mobile devices.