How Apple iOS remains at the king of the mountain

In the technology world, there is still much debate over which mobile platform is better — Android or iOS. While there are reasons for either operating system to be considered the top dog, a recent article from Time Magazine makes the case that battle is over and the winner is Apple's iOS.

The piece lays out several reasons why Apple and the iOS platform is the clear winner. Few people use multiple platforms in their personal or professionals lives. Since iOS, for example, functions the same on an iPhone as it does a tablet, people are more likely to stick to one platform if they want to expand the number of devices they have.

For mobile developers, it can be costly creating a program from multiple platforms. Creating for iOS means there are only a few different devices that organizations need to focus and test on, but Android runs on multiple devices that are created by various hardware developers.

The piece also points to the fact that in the U.S., Android is not the runaway market lead and iOS users are more likely to download apps and spend money, making it a more attractive option for companies.

Another thing to remember is that when it comes to Silicon Valley, the culture favors iOS.

"As far as I can tell, the majority of the tech execs who decide how to allocate development resources are still iOS users, personally," author Harry McCracken wrote. "If they were all required to give up their iPhones for six months in favor of the Android device of their choice, it might change their perspective."

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