FileMaker's DayBack Calendar has a useful new feature

Not long ago, FileMaker Pro Databases created an add-on calendar called DayBack Calendar. Now, this program allows users to balance their workload more efficiently with the new Multi-Day Resource scheduling (MDR). Customers can scan their resources two weeks at a time to find gaps in the schedule or overextended resources.

The new view is an in-app update, so existing calendar users can install it from within their own download. They don't need to re-integrate the DayBack Calendar with their database. The innovation shows that DayBack will continue to get better once you start using it.

The Multi-Day Resource Scheduling is something special that won't be featured in Google Calendar or iCal. Your workload is seen as a series of columns that represent the tasks, activities or appointments in each resource, much like a graph. Once the workload is allocated among the resources, the MDR view allows you to see these columns up to 14 days at a time. For instance, a contractor could call for a piece of equipment in the afternoon next Tuesday — using the MDR view, you can easily filter down to see all the equipment you have that can do the job, then look at the days to see when they're available.

If your resources are people, you can also use this view to easily see how much work each person has and drag the overage to an under-allocated employee. The drag and drop rescheduling makes the balancing of your allocations easy.

The DayBack Calendar is unlocked and able to be added to existing FileMaker databases and can be linked to your copy within 10 minutes or pasted as a new layout.

Beyond the MDR scheduling, DayBack Calendar offers:

  • No plugins to install
  • Doesn't require FileMaker Server
  • Unlimited resources and filters
  • Color-coded events
  • iPad compatibility
  • In-app updates

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