FileMaker introduces free online resource Community

For years, the FileMaker Technical Network, or TechNet for short, has been the go-to online resource for FileMaker developers to obtain information on the database software's basics and exchange tips, ideas and experiences. On Monday, the company relaunched TechNet as the FileMaker Community, redesigned to make it more accessible for users of all skill and experience levels.

All 60,000 registered TechNet members have access to the Community, which features among its resources examples and tools, guides and other published documents, tech briefs and videos. These resources cover all the platforms that FileMaker 13, the most recent version, operates on: iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows and the web. The Community forums allow members to ask more experienced developers technical questions or report on their own projects.

As an introduction, the company has made available for free download five videos recorded at sessions of the 2014 FileMaker Developer Conference, which was held last summer in San Antonio, with expert developers giving tips on how to maximize the software's capabilities in specific areas.

One of the new features of the Community that was not present in the former TechNet is a forum specifically for certified FileMaker database development professionals. Here developers can discuss the highly specialized challenges they face when they create custom database apps or migrate large amounts of data.

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