FileMaker Go reaches over 1.5 million downloads

We mentioned FileMaker Go a little in a previous post, but there's a lot more to it that just a pretty interface. It is a free app, which you'll find on a trip to the Apple Store, that enables you to run your FileMaker Pro solutions on an iPhone or iPad. It gives you the full capacity and functionality of its desktop version, but with the added convenience of mobility for your traveling solutions. Some examples of ways that it can help your business are that you can use it to check inventory and create invoices during client visits.

Ryan Rosenberg, the vice president of FileMaker's Marketing and Service stated, "our customers amaze us with their ingenuity in developing custom iOS solutions. We continue to invest in making our platform the easiest, most flexible way to get data and business processes to where they matter most."

Each generation of FileMaker Go has the following features:

  • Portals, Tab Control, and the Web Viewer, Script Triggers and calculation functions.
  • Data management capabilities such as collection, editing, searing and sorting
  • Add photos, videos and audio files directly to your solution.
  • Report graphics and charts.
  • AirPrint capability.
  • Signature capture.
  • Bar code scanner without any plug-ins.
  • Various keyboard options (URL, numbers, email, etc.).
  • Individually tailored, professionally designed templates and layouts.
  • Export data in file formats such as Excel and HTML.
  • Encrypted database (AES 256-bit).
  • File sharing between apps and AirDrop allows sharing to other devices.

Here are some of the updates for FileMaker Go 14:

  • Launch Center to organize all your data
  • Select the size, color and font of your text as well as bold, underline and italics.
  • Layout orientation lock allows you to build layouts in portrait or landscape views.
  • Capture signatures in portrait and landscape views as well as input additional information such as title and description.
  • Interact with layouts during video playback.

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