FileMaker Go hits 2 million mobile downloads

FileMaker, Inc. has announced that its FileMaker Go app reached the 2 million download milestone on the iTunes App Store. According to the company, the achievement is indicative of the FileMaker Platform's ongoing popularity for businesses developing custom iOS apps to run on iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows and the web.

The FileMaker Go app allows users to run their company's familiar FileMaker-based custom apps directly on their iPhone or iPad, empowering them to connect to and share data with team members wherever they might be working. FileMaker has proven time and time again how valuable these mobile custom apps can be for performing a host of activities, from checking warehouse supply levels to creating invoices before leaving a client site.

"As the world becomes mobile-first, businesses increasingly rely on mobile capabilities," said Ann Monroe, vice president of marketing for FileMaker, Inc., in a release. "Our customers continue to stretch the boundaries of creativity with their custom apps, and we will continue to find ways to serve them by improving and enhancing our platform."

By integrating directly with FileMaker apps running on OS X or Windows-based computers, these mobile options can offer field reps the same functionality as their desktop-based counterparts. They can even gain additional insight, as data from a team of field workers can be aggregated in a single back-office system.

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