FileMaker 13 officially hits t​he market

There are a number of software solutions on the market that are used to helping businesses become more productive. A majority of them are backed by companies that have only been around a few years. However, some of the major players have storied histories and are still putting out quality systems.

This week marks the launch of FileMaker 13, which is backed by a company that has been updating and supporting the popular database program since 1985. A recent article from ComputerWorld examined the history of the software and what the latest version brings to the table.

The new version has several enhanced and new features that will have users excited. At the top of the list is the ability to optimize the user experience when accessing the database from a Web browser. This involved the creation of WebDirect, a portal that improves the overall look of the database. According to product manager Eric Jacobson, it only works on desktop browsers as of right now.

"Mobile devices don't have the same horsepower, and when you have the additional layer of running a browser, to get performance you need more power," Jacobson told the news source. "We are trying to streamline the code so it will work better on smaller devices."

Other new features include an easier layout creation with the ability to create versions for different screen sizes or orientations and new themes and styles.

With the help of an IT consulting firm that is certified in FileMaker, any company can easily implement the database to improve operations.