Email Encryption Software

For years, Gnu Privacy Guard has been protecting email servers worldwide by encrypting messages to deny third parties' access to the sensitive information. The architect behind this security stalwart is German native Werner Koch. Since 1997, he has been the sole individual keeping the service running by installing updates and coding patches to provide the world's digital communication with a semblance of security. Since GnuPG's inception, the issue of privacy online has drastically evolved, legitimizing the services Koch has offered to thousands of web users across the world.

Unfortunately, for Koch and others, the project is losing steam. Koch is now 53 and faces difficult financial straits that may compromise his ability to continue offering secure email servers to users. Maintaining GnuPG on a volunteer basis has allowed Koch to accomplish his motive even without monetary incentives. Since 2001, Koch has lived off on a mere $25,000 per year in order to provide this valuable service.

Koch has struggled to continue this project for the last few years. He was rumored to have wanted to call it quits in 2013, when the Edward Snowden revelations on digital privacy brought the importance of secure email servers into a new light. Now, that focus has brought recognition to services like GnuPG.

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