Could the iPad Pro have a 4K display

As is the case with Apple, any little snippet of information leads to a number of rumors hitting the blogosphere. This blog has covered the "big plans" tease that company CEO Tim Cook made over the week in an internal memo, and the speculation of what this means has run rampant.

A recent article from Forbes dove into the rumor of the "iPad Pro." The piece cites the Chinese news source Pad News, which is reporting some specifics about the forthcoming 13-inch tablet. The specs unveiled show that the device will go beyond the retina display and use the 4K model. That will give it a resolution of 4,096 by 3,072. By comparison, the iPad Air, which just hit the market in November, has a 2K resolution (2,048 by 1,536).

"Having a 4K display in your hands is a good candidate for 'big' in Tim Cook's terms and would create a wow factor that investors keep claiming Apple needs to restart its growth curve," the article reads. "The really big challenge for Apple with such a display would be to keep it thin like the new iPad Air."

The article goes on to say that there are two factors that make the iPad stand out – iOS 7 and the sleek design. However, a 4K display would give it another one.

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