Could October be a big month for new Apple products?

While fall has always had a relationship with the apple fruit, its relationship with the tech company is equally meaningful. For the last few years, the months after summer have been filled with new mobile product announcements. Last year, the company unveiled new iPhones and iPads at separate press events in October.

If the latest rumors are to be believed, this October is shaping up to also be a big one. According to MacRumors, the middle of the month with feature a press event that includes the iPhone, iPad and iWatch.

"The source notes that a senior Store Leader mentioned October 14 as being an 'immense' day for Apple, adding that the whole month of October would be very busy for stores and the company itself," the article reads. "Apple is also said to planning a media event for Tuesday, September 16, coming a month ahead of the device's launch."

It is not surprising that a mobile refresh is in the works, especially with a new operating system in www. Additionally, a late 2014 unveil for the smart watch has been rumored for sometime. It is far too early for any of this be confirmed, but it does have seem like October is going to be an interesting time for iOS management.

Any business that uses Apple products will need to keep an ear open in October to make sure that the company is ready to make a change. With the help of a technology consulting company, any business can find the best ways of adopting new Apple devices.