Could Apple be adding a new phone not called an ‘iPhone’?

As we reported yesterday, the Apple press event on September 10 will be all about the iPhone. While there is sure to be an unveiling of the newest model, there has also been rumor of a "cheap" version of the phone hitting the market that will be geared toward customers with less cash to spend. However, if a technology visionary has his way, there could be a new phone in Apple's future—one that doesn't have an "i" in front of it.

In a recent interview with Reuters, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak spoke about several topics including one concept that could be considered "almost treasonous." When speaking about ways to improve the phone market share both overseas and at home, he mentioned Apple could develop a cheaper version of the iPhone, but one that offered functionality different from what the company already offers.

The man known as "Woz" went as far as to say it would be important to keep the name "iPhone" away from this new phone and make it a brand all its own. That would allow it to play better in outside markets like China, where there is still substantial room for growth.

"We haven't cracked the Chinese market as well as we could," he said.

Expanding the phone market share is a goal of current CEO Tim Cook. That can be seen in the rumors of new colors for the latest version of the iPhone. If it does end up hitting the market down the road, it will mean IT departments will have to deal with a new device to incorporate into business operations.