Comparing the Apple Watch to the iPod

The launch of the Apple Watch thrust the technology behemoth into a new market: wearables. Unlike the iPod, iPad, iPhone or Mac, Apple Watch is an unprecedented venture for the company. Not long ago, the introduction of the iPod placed Apple in a similar situation. Before the product's release, mp3 players were a new technology. Since, the mp3 player has become a preferred method of listening to music for millions.

The success of the iPod provides Apple with empirical data to use in order to project the adoption of the Apple Watch. While the watch's 42 mm model costs nearly $400, that isn't as expensive as it seems. When the iPod was first developed in 2001, a 5 GB model would have been priced the same as the 42 mm Apple Watch. When adjusting for inflation, the 5 gig 2001 iPod would have cost $526 if it were released this year. 

Market analysis of the initial iPod release brings the Apple Watch's cost into a new light. As the iPod shows, the adoption of new technologies inevitably brings costs down over time. If Apple is to have the same degree of success in the wearable technologies market, these new timepieces may soon become as widespread as the iPhone.

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