Apple’s ‘Misunderstood’ highlights power of technology

During the holiday season, many companies put out commercials to try and get consumers to buy their products. They tend to be flashy sales pitches and promises of discounts. However, every once and a while there is one that will tug at the heart strings and pique interests without a saying a word.

That is what Apple's new "Misunderstood" commercial is all about. It follows the path of a teenage boy as he joins his family for a drive to grandma's house to celebrate Christmas. While the family takes part in typical activities like ice skating, decorating the tree and making snow angels, the boy is there but spends most of his time looking at his iPhone.

It seems like he is disinterested in the entire affair until the family is exchanging presents. There he turns on the TV and pushes a video that was filmed and edited on the device that recaps the events through his view point. The family cries and hugs while the commercial fades to black and displays an Apple logo.

While there is some debate over what this means for youths being distracted by technology, what can't be ignored what was done with the device. Over the course of a few days, he filmed multiple scenes of cooking, skating and family fun, crafted it with a sound track and wirelessly displayed it on a television through the Apple TV.

This shows how intuitive and simple Apple mobile technology can be when the user understands it. Businesses can start unlocking the potential of Apple devices with the help of an IT consulting firm that specializes in training and support for Mac integration.