Apple’s impending financial release looms large for investors


For those owning Apple stock, the investment has been the best that they have made in their lives. The stock is one of the hottest commodities on the market. So when the company is on the precipice of announcing its financial results, stockholders are understandably excited. In 2013 and 2014 Apple dividends increased by 15% and 8% respectively. The success of years past puts the company under the gun every fiscal year as it strives to sustain its unparalleled success.

According to Trading Indo, in the last year, Apple has paid over $57 billion dollars to shareholders. Under its capital return program, the company aimed to pay out $130 billion dollars in dividends and buy backs. $103 billion of that goal has already been paid out.

Two new hardware releases are reason enough for shareholders to be optimistic about what return they could be making on their investment. The Apple Watch and new Macbook have expanded the canon of Apple devices that have turned its corporate logo into a symbol of Americana. The innovative design behind both of those devices has seen market analysts project successful releases for both. The Apple Watch will officially launch on April 24th, only three days before the release of Apple’s impending earnings report.

Apple support services are evidence of the company’s ability to create wealth. Unaffiliated experts can now provide users with alternatives for any repairs or IT consulting that can improve the devices they own.

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