Apple's Force Touch technology positioned to revolutionize touch control

Apple announced big changes at its Spring Forward event this past March, from the unveiling of its almost completely wireless new Macbook to its introduction into the wearable tech scene with the Apple Watch. Overshadowed by these big-picture changes were a number of improvements in the technology behind the new Macbook that were significant in their own right, including the new trackpad powered by Force Touch technology. Now, however, amidst rumors that Force Touch will be a major addition to the upcoming iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, Force Touch has emerged as a cornerstone for new Apple products going forward. Here are some important things to know about the touch technology that could be controlling your newest Apple device. 

Force Touch trackpads do more than simply detect touches, they use capacitive glass backed by force sensors to detect how much force you apply with each tap, unlocking the potential for a variety of actions based on just a single touch. These actions include force click, which activates new menu options such as looking up a word or adding an event to your calendar by clicking and holding, accelerators, which use a gradual increase or decrease of pressure to adjust the speed of fast forwarding video playback or zooming on a map, and pressure-sensitive drawing, which uses pressure cues to adjust the thickness of strokes while signing or sketching. 

While the Force Touch trackpad's force sensitivity unlocks new functionality, its haptic feedback system, dubbed the Taptic Engine, is what truly revolutionizes touch screen interactivity. The Taptic Engine provides users with physical feedback that allows them to feel a clicking sensation despite the fact that the trackpad does not move, and allows users to not only see what is happening on the screen but feel it in their fingertips as well, adding a dimension to the user experience. 

This exciting Force Touch technology could be making its way to the newest generation of iPhones, ushering in a new way of thinking about touch screen interactivity, and MC Services can be with you along the way, providing Apple training and Mac integration for your business. Contact us today.