Apple’s 2013 points to increased enterprise IT support

Over the last few weeks, this blog has looked ahead at what Apple could have coming down the pipeline in 2014. Some considered 2013 to be a let down, but the business IT landscape saw several systems, features and milestones hit the market that were designed solely for this group of customers.

A recent article from CITEworld examined several of the achievements that the company had in 2013 and what they mean for enterprise business customers that rely on Mac integration as a key part of their operations.

According to Ryan Faas, the author of the piece, Apple was able to prove that the company's presence in the enterprise environment is not a fluke. Because of this improved approach, business customers have found better tools for success.

"In many ways, some large and some very easy to miss, Apple illustrated a commitment to its business customers – the actual end users within companies, not the traditional IT procurement teams– and their needs," Faas wrote. "The company also worked to make its products easier to integrate into corporate environments and solved some longstanding issues that IT departments have had with its products and with other mobile platforms on the market."

The moves Apple made include:

  • True volume licensing
  • Record setting iOS 7 adoption
  • WWDC sells out instantly
  • iOS 7 mobile management expansion
  • Mobile management for Apple TV
  • Managing Macs with MDM
  • Xcode Server
  • Demand for new Mac Pro
  • App and update caching
  • iBeacons

Each of these solutions and milestones point to a greater impact on business customers as well as end-users. An IT consulting firm that specializes in Apple can become a valuable resource for organizations that are getting on the Apple business bandwagon.