Apple updates iWork applications following Office announcement

Last week, the biggest news in the tablet landscape was Microsoft finally introducing a version of Office for the iPad. Over the weekend, Word, Excel and PowerPoint rocketed to the top of the Apple App store and maintained the top three spots on the "Free App" charts and also made appearances in the top 10 of the "Top Grossing" list as users signed up for an Office 365 subscription.

Technology experts across all sectors welcomed this debut, even if may be a few years too late for some. The software has helped cement the iPad as a key enterprise tool.

Apple, not to be outdone by Microsoft, also introduced some changes to its productivity suite, iWork. According to an article from the blog Tab Times, Pages, Numbers and Keynote have been updated to include improved Retina display support, an updated design for the editor tab and a better way to share.

"Specifically on the improved sharing, users now have the option to share documents in a view-only state whereas before anyone could edit documents shared via iCloud," the article reads. "Also, documents can be opened directly via iCloud Mail."

Keynote can now import charts, numbers improved pop-up menus and Pages has improved text wrapping, new templates and can import charts.

By adding the in-demand productivity mobile applications to the platform, the iPad has been elevated to become a must-have device for many businesses. With the help of an IT consulting firm that specializes in supporting an iPad deployment, any company can embrace mobility as a corporate tool.