Apple testing larger screens on the next iPhone and iPad

Once again, it's time to listen in on the Apple rumor mill as a new suggestion has popped up. According to the Wall Street Journal, the company is in testing mode for the latest version of the iPhone and iPad. That is not surprising. However, these new mobile devices are sporting larger touch screens than any of their predecessors.

According to the report, this is a way to continue fighting in the smartphone and tablet marketplace. There is rumored to be a prototype iPhone that features a larger screen the current iPhone 5 and design specs show the same is coming to the iPad.

The article speculates that Apple is facing the challenge of continuing to innovate in a saturated market with new products or features that can drive consumer interest. To date, the company has been very successful in this area of business. It also combats a popular selling tactic of the competition.

"In the long run, we will see touch screens in all sizes as the future vision of the technology industry is to offer the same user experience across all screens," IDC analyst Helen Chiang, told the news source. "The key is to bring down the cost and introduce compelling applications for large-screen devices."

Many businesses can benefit from the ability to see more information on their mobile device screen. If these devices are unveiled in the coming months, companies will need to be able to handle the increase in mobile gadgets in the office. An IT consulting firm that specializes in implementing Apple products can sure they are optimized for their business needs.