Apple spends record $10.5 billion on manufacturing equipment

One of the biggest challenges Apple faces with every new product launch is been supply chain shortages. There was concern that a lack of parts would cause a delay in the release of the iPad mini until next year. However, that turned out to be just a rumor and the device became available earlier this week. Now it seems that Apple has upped its game when it comes to the supply chain.

According to an article from Bloomberg, the company has set a record by investing $10.5 billion into new technology including milling machines and assembly robots. These will be used during the assembly line process to make mobile devices and computers.

This was announced during Apple's 2014 capital expenditure forecast. This is being done as a way to dive deeper into designing and inventing technology for its manufacturing process and the company could have more machinery deals coming down the line.

"Their designs are so unique that you have to have a very unique manufacturing process to make it," said Muthuraman Ramasamy, an analyst with consulting firm Frost & Sullivan, who has studied the use of the machinery. "Apple has so much cash that they can invest in cutting-edge, world-class machinery that is typically used for aerospace and defense."

This is a big move for Apple that could see a speedup in the production process. This would mean organizations will need to integrate Mac products quicker if they are going to be successful at it.