Apple Shares Close at an All-Time High Amid iPhone 6 Anticipation

Apple Inc. shares closed at a record high on August 19, hitting triple digits for the first time since the company's stocks were split 7-to-1 last June in an effort to attract smaller shareholders. That strategy, along with the impending launch of the new iPhone 6, has paid dividends for Apple, which closed at $100.53, breaking the previous record for highest closing value by 23 cents. Apple stock did briefly peak at a trading value of $100.72 in September 2012, but the current upward trend strongly suggests that that high-water mark will also be surpassed soon.

Apple's value in the stock market took a hit after the death of founder Steve Jobs in October 2011, but it now looks like the company has successfully overcome the uncertainty over its post-Jobs prospects. With the aforementioned stock split, all investors received seven shares for every one they already owned, while stock prices were divided by seven. This, as anticipated, made Apple stock much more enticing for new shareholders who may not have been able to afford it at its previous value.

Apple hasn't officially released any information about the iPhone 6 yet, but every major tech news source has reported that the first announcement will likely come in September, with an anticipated release in time for the holidays. This week also saw the publication of what may be leaked photos of the new smartphone, showing off new curved edges to go along with what is expected to be a larger, higher-resolution screen than that of the iPhone 5S.

Apple continues to be at the forefront of the latest technological developments, and it can often seem like the landscape is moving too fast for the average consumer to handle, but Apple support providers can help their clients keep up without missing a beat and make the most of the newly available technologies.