Apple rolling out a gold iPhone? Looks like it

The Apple rumor mill is spinning quickly in the lead-up to the press event on September 10. With how many are out there, it is a rare occasion that one is able to catch the internet off guard and cause it to take a collective double take. That did happen over the weekend and it's thanks to the touch of King Midas.

According to several different technology blogs, though first reported by iMore on Friday, Apple is creating a gold iPhone. This doesn't mean the company is crafting one out of gold bars, but rather adding the color to its base offerings, joining black and white. It would be available in the iPhone 5S and possible iPhone 5C (the rumored cheaper iPhone model). An insider has been saying the color will be "elegant," and people should "think champagne, not ingot."

Gold is considered a popular color choice in certain markets like China and is available as an aftermarket option for those interested. There are also a number of skins and cases that incorporate the color. It is also being reported that the actual process of creating the product should be simple.

"Gold is among the easiest colors to anodize onto an iPhone," the iMore report reads. "It involves simple chemical reaction, with the possible addition of dye depending on the exact color they want to produce."

Apple, not surprisingly, has refused to comment, so we will need to wait a month to see if this will actually come to fruition. While the color won't change functionality, it could spike sales. An IT consulting firm that specializes in Mac Integration can become a valuable resource as businesses incorporate mobile devices into their operations.