Apple products continue to revolutionize countless industries

Several years ago, if you were to ask about your favorite app, most people would assume you were talking about an appetizer at a restaurant. The concept of app stores and mobile devices that could handle the applications seen today was unheard of. Now, because of Apple, not only are these things part of the public consciousness, but they are revolutionizing many industries.

Some of the markets that have been influenced because of what Apple created are well known – mobile gaming, portable phones and social media – but with the evolution of the iPhone and iPad, more industries are starting to grow. In many cases, these changes occurred in unexpected industries.

A recent article from the The Motley Fool examined how the healthcare industry was revolutionized by accident. According to the piece, the increase in functionality of the mobile devices, plus the growing app store, have dramatically changed the possibilities with iPhones and iPads.

"While it's true that Apple products aren't the only ones used in healthcare, the company's devices still dominate the industry," the article reads. "And these products ushered in a revolution in how medical professionals and patients access data and communicate with each other. Now, many speculate that Apple's next major product could be an iWatch. If so, yet another transformation could occur as tracking of health information becomes even more convenient and transparent. The revolution continues."

Healthcare is just one of the many industries that has been changed over the last few years because of the products that Apple has brought to the market. Many companies need to be aware of what is possible in their industry and should partner with an IT consulting firm that is familiar with Mac integration and an iPhone or iPad deployment to optimize the use of Apple products.