Apple popularity seen during Black Friday

Calling the Apple mobile device product line—which includes the iPhone and iPad—popular would be an understatement. If you don't own one, there is a good chance you know several people who do. To see the current landscape, look no further than the sales numbers from over the weekend.

According to a recent article from Apple Insider, nine of the top 10 most popular smartphones in Japan are iPhones. The iPhone 5s in various sizes and attached to various carries (like 16 GB AT&T) took spots one through four and seven through nine on the list. The iPhone 5c filled in the gap of spots five and six. The top ten was rounded out by a local provider.

Back Stateside, the Black Friday weekend showed why Apple still holds a strong market share. According to an article from PC Magazine, the iPad was the top selling item at several different big box retailers including Walmart, Target (where it was in the top three spots) and Best Buy (it was in the two spot).

Aside from buying the mobile devices, shoppers were also using them to make purchases. An article from The Motley Fool found that owners of Apple products spent more money through their mobile devices on Black Friday than any other group. People shopping on their Apple iPad were responsible for $417 million in sales. Android-based tablets only generated $42 million.

This shows how the popularity of Apple devices has grown in several ways. Tablets are making a larger impact on the business world and companies that have partnered with an IT consulting firm that specializes in optimizing an iPad deployment can be sure they are able to implement them successfully.