Apple plans to improve iPads in Education user-friendliness for 2016

Apple has set out to make its iPads that are used in educational institutions more user-friendly. As of now, the setup process requires several steps and it takes a lot of back-and-forth between students and the administration to allow access to books and apps. Schools without the financial resources to provide one-to-one technology have to deal with more complications and frustrations when sharing iPads from one student to the next and even between different classes. To improve the shared use technology experience for both students and teachers, Apple plans to make changes to its app distribution, deployment programs and the infamous struggle of Apple ID.

By removing the generic Apple ID currently needed to attain apps and books on the device, the setup process will have fewer steps and will be less of an inconvenience. Most importantly, the experience will be simplified to the point where the headache of dealing with technical difficulties of assigning and distributing apps while trying to teach a class becomes a distant, not-so-fond memory. The concern for security will not heighten because they plan on designing the new programs to require administrative approval for any purchases so students cannot spend frivolously. The Apple ID for Students will be updated for the 2016-17 academic year to allow schools to create and manage IDs and reset passwords for students under the age of 13 and will still be aligned with COPPA regulations. Configurations can also be made to make them iCloud accessible. As for the deployment program, Apple will be reconstructing its individual services into one program to simplify the experience for schools' administrative staff.

Although Apple is working on making improvements, many are still dissatisfied with how they go about the iPads in Education program in general. Google's Chromebooks are also in the forerunning for the title of "best classroom device" and just might take the lead in the academic domain. Whatever lies in store for the coming school year, MC Services can help you organize and setup your devices through technology consultations and training.