Apple Pay could change the face of commerce.

Apple Pay seeks to replace credit cards as the most effective means of digital commercial transactions. In order to achieve that, businesses must accept this form of currency. Firehouse Subs LLC is the latest business to allow customers to make use of this system.

"Innovation and exceptional customer service are two core values at Firehouse Subs and as the No. 1 fast casual brand, we are excited to bring Apple Pay to our restaurants," says Don Fox, CEO of the sub restaurant chain. "By moving in this direction, Firehouse Subs is able to provide our guests an easy, secure and private way to make mobile payments."

With restaurants in over 43 states, the company seeks to cement its place in the food service industry by offering its customers an easy means of payment. That emphasis on customer satisfaction has motivated other companies to adopt Apple Pay. Among those businesses are Shaw's Supermarkets, Whole Foods and Meijer.

Customers must posses an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus in order to host this software. That strategy has contributed to the most successful period of iPhone sales since the product's launch in 2007. The continuous innovations achieved by Apple make the iPhone the choice of smartphones users worldwide. The ubiquitous use of these devices makes the potential of Apple Pay monumental.

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