Apple outpaces global PC sales numbers

If I were to ask you what device you would be most likely to use to search the Internet or check your email, there is a good chance the answer would be a smartphone or tablet. Add in the rise in functionality of mobile applications and there is a good chance that you have done a lot more than just these simple tasks on those mobile devices.

Because of this, it is interesting what categories are used to examine world computing numbers. It is no surprise that when it comes to global numbers, PC sales far outpace those of the Apple computer line. However, when you factor in iPad and iPhone sales – which are devices that most use to handle computing needs – Apple actually exceeded the Windows-based PCs shipped in the fourth quarter of 2013.

These numbers come from a study by analyst Benedict Evans. He said that this is a great illustration of how mobile is effecting the computer world. Apple focuses solely on the high end mobile market but is still able to sell more units than the entire PC industry.

A Quartz article examined what this means for computing from both side of the coin. On one side, there are "arbitrary device categories," so what does it really mean?

"But the counter-argument is that the tasks we used to conduct on PCs are now being carried out on an ever-expanding variety of other devices, pretty much all of them mobile," the article reads. "And this trend will only accelerate: What share of the world's 'computers' will Apple ship when it unveils its (still rumored) iWatch?"

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