Apple launches Mac Pro lock adapter in online store

Since its release late last year, the Mac Pro has primarily been marketed to power users who require the specs of the machine to help complete complex tasks. The machine's high price means that those who purchase one are making an investment that needs to deliver a strong return. This means ensuring that the high-end item is secure, which up until now has required users to seek out expensive third-party options or customize their own security solution. That is no longer the case.

Earlier this week, Apple launched a Mac Pro lock adapter in its online store. This is the first time Apple has launched a lock adapter for this machine, and at a price of $49 it will save users a significant amount of money on protecting their machine. It also enhances the ROI of the machine because it mitigates the risk of theft.

An article in Mac Rumors described the new device.

"Apple's lock adapter is a simple metal bracket that secures the lift-off cover of the Mac Pro to the base of the machine with a security cable, preventing access to the machine's internals," the article says. "The cable lock can then of course be secured to a bulky object or dedicated security ring found on some desks to make it difficult for thieves to steal the machine."

In addition to enhancing the value of the Mac Pro machine, it could show that Apple is serious about pushing it to a more mainstream customer base. If this is the case, the market may see a rise in Mac Pro users in a number of different industries. If this is the case, businesses can keep up if they get proper Apple support and Mac consulting.