Apple introducing major updates to iCloud cross-platform service

Apple's upcoming operating systems, iOS 8 for mobile devices and OS X Yosemite for desktops and laptops, will place a greater emphasis on iCloud, the company's cloud computing service. On Monday, Apple sent out an email to app developers explaining that they will have to upgrade to the latest betas of both systems in order to continue working on file hosting service iCloud Drive and other cloud-based services.

CloudKit is a new application programming interface that will allow developers to link their apps to the platform, enabling greater cloud and cross-platform functionality. New features that will be introduced include the ability to send attachments up to five GBs in size with Mail Drop and a cloud-based Photo Library that will allow users to view and edit images across several devices. The overhaul of its cloud services is one of the major changes Apple will be introducing, and the company has given developers ample time to prepare with the early release versions of the new operating systems.

With both systems set to arrive this year, the demand for Apple support should increase sharply, as businesses and individuals alike seek to make the most of new features, like CloudKit, that can significantly increase efficiency with their cross-platform availability. Specialized companies can provide Apple certified IT training to businesses in order to use iOS 8 and Yosemite at their full capability.

The upcoming updates have many insiders excited about the new possibilities for developers and end users alike, as Apple continues its push toward the Internet of Things, with multiple devices all connected to each other via the cloud. With all signs pointing to this as the future of connectivity, business owners should not hesitate to adapt as soon as possible.