Apple event breakdown: What’s still to come?

Over the last few days we have broken down the specifics of the new hardware and software that Apple released earlier this week. However, as is tradition following one of these events, it's time to look at everything we didn't get and what new rumors have suddenly popped up.

Surprise omissions

There wasn't much that escaped the last two press events from Apple as nearly every major product line aside from the iPod, Apple TV and Mac mini have been upgraded over the last month plus. What was surprisingly left on the cutting room floor were several features that are present in the iPhone 5S.

First up is the absence of the TouchID fingerprint scanner which was one of the main updates to the new smartphone. The security feature has proven to be popular and was considered a given for the new iPads, but that turned out not to be the case.

"Touch ID was a minor yet monumental feature in the 5S: in one swooping change of the home button it made everything better," a Gizmodo article reads. "The iPhone was more secure, unlocking a phone was faster and the quality of the home button even improved. To not include it in the iPad Air and iPad mini is a little bit mysterious."

Then there is the lack of color options outside of the whites blacks and greys. Even gold or champagne, which was a big hit in the iPhone market, was left out.

New rumors

One of the biggest things to come out of the iPad event is the name change of the iPad to the "iPad Air." Nothing Apple does is unintentional, which has sparked rumors of a new iPad version that could be on the way – the Pro. "Air" and "Mini" are already buzzwords for the company's computer line, so adding "Pro" for a new beefed up tablet designed for the enterprise would seem like a logical step.

The speculation is that the new high end iPad would be on par with most PC and would have a screen size as large as 13 inches. It may also be paired with a new smart cover that has a hybrid keyboard built in that is also rumored to be on the way.

"Everything that Apple articulates it does for a reason," Will Power, an analyst at RW Baird, told USA Today. "Developing an iPad that is better designed for productivity is something that could very well make sense."

This could be a way to enter a potentially huge market. The enterprise has already embraced iPad deployment and adding one that is specifically designed for office tasks like word processing, creating presentations and crunching numbers in spreadsheets could be a gold mine.

Old rumors

There are still old rumors out there that many are still waiting to come to be proven right. These revolve around a potential "cheaper" iPad in the vein of the iPhone 5C, an Apple Television Set and the iWatch. For months—or years in the case of the TV—these have been swirling with little to show for it.

As always, only time will tell what Apple has up its sleeve. With the help of an IT consulting firm that specializes in Mac integration, any organization can gain an upper hand when it comes to installing the latest technology.