Apple CEO promises several “game changers” in the works

The last few weeks have not been good for Apple, as talk of unsavory tax practices hit the news and caused a bit of a stir. Company CEO Tim Cook answered questions in front of Congress and defended the company practice. However, the executive was able to grab some much more positive and interesting headlines with some recent comments.

Cook took the stage at the All Things D conference last night and spoke on a number of different topics including the tax issue, his management style, Google Glass and what the future might hold. Things got intriguing when Cook hinted to the audience filled with tech luminaries, investors, and journalists about upcoming products.

"We release products when they're ready (and) we believe very much in the elements of surprise. I have no plan of changing that," said Cook. "We have several more game changers in us. I'll let you judge."

Apple has already changed the game a number of times with products and services like the iPhone, iPod, iPad, iTunes and iCloud. What the next one will be is anyone's guess, but it is fun to speculate. Over the last few months, the rumor mill has be rampant with talk of the iWatch, a wearable iPod touch-like device, and there has been talk for several years about a full television set.

At the company's Worldwide Developers Conference on June 10, many of these rumors will either become reality or continue to be wishful thinking. There are sure to be a number of different products and services introduced and updated that companies will be clamoring for. An IT consulting firm that is familiar with Mac integration can help these businesses deploy the latest and greatest technology from Apple.