Apple announces launch of exclusive app

For fans of HBO's critically acclaimed series Game of Thrones, the countdown to season 5 began the second fan favorite Tyrion Lannister fled the capital of the Seven Kingdoms.

The series has allowed the perception of television entertainment to reach new heights. Now, a series can be a cinematic achievement that can do something that a feature film can't. Binge watching marathons have transcended into our culture, marking how effectively on demand available of TV shows can reach customers. By partnering with HBO, Apple seeks to provide its users with a viewing experience that allows them to sit back and relax for eagerly anticipated season premieres.

On March 9, Apple announced that it would provide the platform for the advent of HBO NOW, the home box office's subscription streaming service. Apple users can now directly subscribe to the network so they can view its prime selection of series and films from any of their devices. In doing so, subscribers can avoid wasting money on cable programming encompassing channels that viewers never watch. The service provides an enhanced experience for the audience, allowing them to enjoy the canon of available entertainment at their greatest convenience.

"HBO NOW offers a new generation of HBO fans many of the best TV programs in the world without a cable or satellite subscription," said Eddy Cue, Apple's senior vice president of Internet Software and Services. "Now, with the same simplicity as buying an app, customers can subscribe to HBO NOW and instantly start viewing their favorite HBO programs as they air—this is huge."

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