App demands rising, but lack of trendy solutions makes custom development skills essential

Custom programming is increasingly necessary in the enterprise space as businesses contend with a wide range of devices and application formats. However, the lack of clear, longstanding trends in the sector highlights the importance of well-rounded, experienced developers. In many cases, businesses will need custom development specialists to help them create the types of apps necessary to meet their core needs.

Staying away from trendy development fads
A recent InfoWorld report set out to cover some of the most exciting and disruptive trends in the programming sector. In doing so, it made a salient point: Developers tend to be ruled by precision, science and similarly objective methodologies in terms of how they work. The whims of fashion – what's in at any given time – don't have nearly as much of an impact on how developers operate as do the specific needs of a project. 

The news source went on to discuss some of the topics and methods that are currently hot, not to mention those that are diminishing, in the development sector. However, along the way it pointed out that many of these topics are hotly debated and that the rapid change in the industry means that fads come and go so quickly that the actual technology doesn't so much become a trend as much as it emerges as a constant part of the industry.

"Development fads come and go so quickly that they aren't so much trends as they are constant parts of the industry."

All of this means that developers need to be skilled in a wide range of technologies, solutions and methodologies as they come into and out of popularity. Programmers with a wide vocabulary of skills can play an instrumental role in helping companies find the right apps for their needs. For example, a seemingly outdated programming language in the modern mobile app world could be just the right solution for a specialized app meant to interact with a legacy database that just happens to be critical to your business's needs. In the programming world, today's fad may be tomorrow's old news, but in a week or two it'll be a useful part of any developer's toolset.

Because of this, businesses can't rely solely on highly specialized IT workers who have siloed skills to keep up with their changing application development demands. Mobile apps and the backend systems that support them are creating incredible complexity, and programmers who have a deep understanding of development languages, user experience best practices and data management methodologies can play a pivotal role in helping businesses get past the latest enterprise mobility trend and create an app with lasting value. Ramping up app development is becoming more essential all the time.

The impetus for app development in the enterprise
According to an IT Web report, app proliferation has become so prevalent that more businesses are becoming dependent on highly virtualized apps housed in public and private cloud environments. Companies are expected to support mobility and agility alongside longstanding app attributes. This not only disrupts traditional network paradigms, but is also pushing businesses to deal with completely new device formats, such as internet of things solutions, as they create apps and services.

In short, companies are facing so much change in the types of solutions they need to create that developers must be heavily grounded in industry best practices in order to keep up. Programmers need the experience and expertise to get beyond the immediate fads and demands and see the big picture of what your business really needs. Custom development specialists that also serve as IT consultants can be invaluable in this role.

Custom development can go a long way in helping companies keep up with today's app demands.Custom development can go a long way in helping companies keep up with today's app demands.

Using custom programming to get ahead
Businesses can't afford to fall prey to the short-lived fads that come and go in the enterprise app sector. Instead, they must be sure to see past the initial trend and understand how emerging capabilities and demands fit within the broad technology issues facing organizations. Asking the typical enterprise IT team to do this while taking on a development project is unrealistic. Most IT departments spend the vast majority of their time on maintenance and management, not innovation and programming skills development. Even if your organization has a dedicated development unit, its members have likely spent so much time working on your existing apps that they don't have the capacity to keep up with new requirements for solutions that are delivered quickly and efficiently.

Custom programming experts can stay abreast of the trends that come and go within the development sector and identify which ones are relevant to a given project and which are better left alone. Furthermore, they can offer the experience and expertise needed to dip into legacy methodologies and emerging capabilities depending on what your projects need. At MC Services, we offer a full suite of IT consulting services, including custom development teams. We've built our organization around taking a collaborative approach with our clients and will take the time to understand your business, analyze your needs and bring our expertise to bear in the specific ways you need it. As app demands rise, we can help you see through the trends gaining hype and identify the core capabilities you need. Want to learn more about how a custom programming partnership can help your business? Contact us today. We'd be happy to talk.