3 essential steps to take before updating to iOS 9

This Wednesday, the newest iteration of Apple's mobile operating system will be available to download, bringing huge changes to iPhones, iPads and iPods. Before you update your device, however, we recommend taking some time to prepare it for the install first. That way, you'll be ready to take advantage of all of its new functionalities without a hitch. 


Before you begin, double check that your device is compatible with iOS 9. All devices currently running iOS 8 will be able to download its successor, but older models that were ineligible for iOS 8 will still not support a new operating system. These include the iPhone 4, original iPad and 4th generation iPod touch, as well as any of their antecedents. 

Back up your data

While most iOS updates go smoothly, we highly recommend backing up the information on your device prior to downloading iOS 9 just in case there is an error. You can choose to back up your device using either iCloud or your computer's iTunes application. Either way, once you've installed iOS 9, all of your photos, apps, music and other data will be stored safely. If, for some reason, you experience an error during the download, having a backup will allow you to restore your phone's settings to just as they were before your last backup, saving you what could be a massive headache.

Get your passwords ready

After your phone or tablet starts for the first time on iOS 9, it will prompt you for a few passwords you may not have had to use in a while. These include your four-digit passcode, which you may have forgotten if you rely on TouchID to unlock your phone, and your iCloud password. To avoid getting stuck unable to set up your phone after the update, make a note of these passwords before you begin the download.

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